Centenary Way – 14. Crowsdale Wood to Staxton Wold Farm

Crowsdale Wood to Staxton Wold Farm

The previous section of the Centenary Way came from Abbey Plantation. It finished at the fingerpost next to the minor road leading down into Sherburn. This section of the walk crosses farmland at the foot of the Wolds escarpment before climbing back up to the Wolds at Staxton. The total distance walked is 5.7 miles. This part of the walk shares the route with the Wolds Way. It is very well signposted with no navigation issues.

Crowsdale Wood to Ganton

From the fingerpost turn left and head downhill towards Sherburn. The Centenary Way doesn’t actually go into Sherburn. However, the village is a short detour down the road. Once you reach the main road (A64) there is a convenience shop and a bus stop (Coastliner).

Before reaching the village look for a track junction on the right. Follow this track across a field to another road near Hill Mill Farm. Turn right onto the road and walk uphill to a road junction. Take the left-hand road. After about 300 yards turn left onto a bridleway heading east along the hillside. Continue until you reach a wood at Potter Brompton Brow.

Turn right uphill and then through a stile and continue left through a wooded area until you reach another gate and a path heading downhill. Follow this path past the golf course to reach a good track. Turn right onto the track and follow this to reach the road at Potter Brompton.

Turn right onto the road and almost immediately left onto another track. This heads northeast to reach the road leading to Ganton. Turn left onto the road and walk down into Ganton. When you reach a road junction turn right into the village.

Ganton to Staxton Wold Farm

After about 100 yards leave the village via the path behind the houses (signposted). Once into open fields follow the path across two fields keeping the hedge on the right. Once you arrive at a gate in the fence near a strip wood, turn right uphill keeping the wood on your right-hand side. At the next field boundary turn left until you reach Wold Lane.

Turn right here and follow the path to a stile and continue uphill on a sunken path with trees arching over. Continue over another stile, keep walking uphill over another stile until you reach a fingerpost at the top corner of a field. Turn left here and at the end of the field turn right. Walk towards the tree in the hedgerow and cross the stile. Continue straight now to meet the B1249 road. Cross the road carefully (it’s quite busy) and follow the track which leads to Staxton Wold Farm and RAF Staxton. The next section of the walk is a short one and goes from Staxton Wold Farm to Sharpe Howe.

I’m very grateful to the guide “The Centenary Way” written by North Yorkshire County Council which was referenced whilst writing this post.

Day’s Walk along the Escarpment

If you are combining this walk with the previous one (Abbey Plantation to Crowsdale Wood) and want to catch the bus back to West Heslerton, continue along the track towards the RAF station. Just before the station turn left and follow the track downhill and through a wood. This ends in Staxton where you can catch a Coastliner Bus. Note the track down through the wood is quite steep. A gentler track heads off to the left just after entering the wood. This gently zig-zags through the wood on its way down to Staxton.

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Centenary Way - Crowsdale Wood to Staxton Wold Farm

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