Centenary Way – 2. Earswick to Strensall

Earswick to Strensall

This section of the walk journeys through the suburbs of York following the River Foss all the way. The scenery is a mixture of arable farmland, riverside and housing estates. Total distance walked is 4.7 miles, this section is perfectly flat and easy to navigate.

Earswick / Haxby

The previous section of the walk finished at a footbridge over the River Foss in Earswick. Start this section by crossing over the river and turn left onto a surfaced path. Follow this for a short while with the river on your left. When you reach another footbridge cross back over to the left-hand bank. Follow the enclosed path for a short while to arrive on Landing Lane in Haxby. Turn right onto Landing Lane and walk past the buildings.

When you reach Towthorpe Road turn right and continue walking on the footpath until you leave Haxby. At this point, the footpath stops, and you need to walk on the verge for about 300 yards. Be extra careful, this is quite a busy road. Look out for a footpath sign pointing right. Cross the small footbridge and around the right-hand edge of the field to arrive back on the riverside footpath. Turn left onto the riverside and walk to Towthorpe Bridge. Cross with care onto the other side of the road and back onto the riverside path.


Continue to follow the meandering riverside path for another 1.3 miles. Pass under the York to Scarborough railway bridge, to arrive at a brick road bridge. Cross the road here and continue along the riverside path. Just before a small wooded area, the path splits. Follow the path around to the right to stay next to the river. This brings you past a housing estate to Strensall Bridge.

Cross the road here and rejoin the riverside path on the lefthand side. Carry on along the riverside for another mile and a half. After passing a former lock cottage, this section of the walk is completed at an old metal footbridge where the next section of the walk starts (Strensall to Sheriff Hutton).

If you are not continuing on the Centenary Way, it’s possible to catch a bus back to Earswick or York from Strensall. Walk back to Strensall Bridge and turn left to walk down to the village. There is a bus stop on the main street down to the right. If there is a diversion in place, there is a bus stop close to where Brecks Lane runs into Strensall.

Closure on the Centenary Way

The path between Lock House and the riverbank is very narrow and has had to be closed in the past. Slippages of the river bank have occurred making the path unpassable and dangerous. If you encounter this problem, there will be a notice at Strensall Bridge. There are two diversions you can take.

1. Follow the path on the opposite side of the river, this is the route of the Ebor and Foss Way. After about a mile this leaves the riverside and goes up a lane which leads to Becks Lane running alongside the railway line, and past a Water Treatment plant and then Walbutt’s farm. Once past the farm, you arrive at the old iron footbridge. Cross over the bridge to rejoin the path to Sheriff Hutton (next stage of the walk).


2. Walk up Sheriff Hutton road and turn right along the track to Duncombe farm. Follow the path down to the river which brings you out past the area of the slippage and back on to the path to Sheriff Hutton.

I’m very grateful to the guide “The Centenary Way” written by North Yorkshire County Council which was referenced whilst writing this post.

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Centenary Way - Towthorpe (Earswick to Strensall)

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