Centenary Way – 4. Sheriff Hutton to Huskit Hill via Terrington

Sheriff Hutton to Huskitt Hill

Leaving Sheriff Hutton behind, this 6.2 mile section starts in farmland in the Vale of York and climbs gently into the Howardian Hills. Along the way, you’ll pass arable and livestock fields, a variety of woodland, the hamlet of High Stettenham and the village of Terrington where you’ll find an excellent shop and tearoom. There are some quite spectacular views as well. This is a very pleasant section of the Way, plenty of interest and very quiet. I’ve rarely seen more than a handful of people on this section.

Much of the Centenary Way is covered by the Ordnance Survey Map of Howardian Hills & Malton (Yorkshire Wolds North) The OS Explorer Map 300 is centred around Malton and contains parts of the Howardian Hills and The Yorkshire Wolds. With this map, you also get a code for use on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The map is available in both the standard paper version and the weatherproof ‘Active’ version.

Sheriff Hutton to High Stittenham

When you reach the Sheriff Hutton to Bulmer road head right after crossing over the road. Almost immediately turn left onto a broad farm track (Carr Lane). Follow this for less than 100 yards and go through the gate on the right. This leads to a long path along the field edge. After crossing a wooden footbridge you reach an all-weather horse track. Cross this and continue along the side of the hedge, finally reaching a junction with a farm road.

The farm road to the left is used by the Ebor Way, which takes a different route. Walk straight through the gap between the hedges. The Centenary Way continues across the field at a 45-degree angle. The route passes to the left of the plantation of conifers and then climbs the bank next to the plantation. When I walked here the field was grassland and the path quite obvious. If the field has crops planted the path may go around rather than across the field.

Follow the path up the bank to reach Stittenham Wood. You now have trees on your left, open fields on your right. After about 200 yards take a little diversion through a gate into the woodland. Turn right after entering the wood and follow the path walking steadily uphill. After a while, the path leaves the wood via a metal gate back into the open field. Turn left here and continue to the corner of the field (sometimes there are beehives here). Ignore the gate into the wood and turn right to climb up the field. Look for a path and gate into the wood further up the field. Go straight through this and climb up through the wood to reach the hamlet of High Stittenham.

High Stittenham to Terrington

Once you’re in High Stittenham, walk around to the right to reach a triangular junction and continue straight ahead. The lane has a signpost marked to Mowthorpedale, Ganthorpe and Terrington. Carry on along this track past all the houses and through a gate into pasture land. Where the track forks, take the left-hand fork. Carry on downhill along the right-hand edge of the field, eventually reaching a brick bridge, Cross this and climb the track up the hill on the other side. At the top turn right at a sign and then left at another sign to reach farm buildings (Birkdale Farm which is called Mowthorpe Farm on the OS Map).

Once you’re at the buildings head left to leave along the access track heading for the summit above. The views behind and across to Bulmer are worth pausing for. At the top, carry on along the lane passing Mowthorpe Farm on the left. This lane eventually reaches the village of Terrington. As you walk along the lane, notice there is fingerpost pointing out the Ebor Way. This can be used to return to Sherif Hutton if you are planning on going back there. The Ebor Way takes a more direct but slightly less interesting route back to Sheriff Hutton.

Terrington to Huskit Hill

Once you reach the main road in Terrington turn right and almost immediately left into Church Lane. Go past the church and look for an enclosed path next to the school entrance. Once you’re in the playing fields go straight on at the sign and walk down the steps into the fields beyond. The path now follows the field boundary heading north. Head through two gates and cross a wooden bridge to eventually meet an unsurfaced farm track at Huskit Hill. The walk continues here towards Coneysthorpe.

I’m very grateful to the guide “The Centenary Way” written by North Yorkshire County Council which was referenced whilst writing this post.

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Centenary Way Sheriff Hutton to Huskit Hill

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