Centenary Way – 8. Malton to North Grimston via Settrington

Malton to North Grimston

The last section of the walk brought us to Malton from Firby. This section of the walk is an easy walk of 5.9 miles across arable farmland and the pretty village of Settrington.

Much of the Centenary Way is covered by the Ordnance Survey Map of Howardian Hills & Malton (Yorkshire Wolds North) The OS Explorer Map 300 is centred around Malton and contains parts of the Howardian Hills and The Yorkshire Wolds. With this map, you also get a code for use on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The map is available in both the standard paper version and the weatherproof ‘Active’ version.

Malton / Norton

Start the walk next to the river bridge on Railway Street, near the railway and bus stations. Follow the Riverside Way footpath (between the bridge and bus station) to exit onto Norton Road. Then turn left to reach the railway crossing. Walk over the crossing and turn immediately left onto Church Street.

Continue straight onto Commercial Street and walk past the parade of shops. At the end of the street just past the Library and Chinese takeaway, there is a mini-roundabout. Turn right here onto Mill Street. At the end of Mill Street turn left onto Beverley Road. Now follow Beverley Road for nearly a mile. After leaving all the houses behind you, you’ll see a fingerpost on the left-hand side and it’s here your countryside walk begins.

Norton to Settrington

Start down a good track across arable and grassy fields. This particular stretch is frequented by local dog walkers, myself included. I find the walk from Norton to Settrington and back is the perfect length for a dog walk and as most of it is across arable fields your dog can have a bit of off-lead time.

Continue to follow the track keeping the hedge and ditch on your right. Eventually, you reach a style and once crossed, head diagonally left across the next field and cross another stile. Keep walking straight ahead and eventually follow the path through a hedge onto an embankment which is actually a disused railway. Turn right on the top of the embankment and walk for about 200 yards until you reach a path on the left that goes down and over a footbridge into a field.

Turn right into the field and follow the track at the field’s edge. Pass through a small wooded area eventually reaching a lane. Walk down the lane to reach the western edge of Settrington.

Settrington to North Grimston

Follow the road through Settrington until you reach a road junction on the right. There is a sign here pointing to North Grimston. This is Back Lane. you now have a fairly long walk up the lane. Eventually, after about 500 yards, once you have passed outside the village, you’ll see a fingerpost indicating a track towards Kirk Hill. Follow the track up to the farm and turn right before the buildings.

A hundred yards further on there is a stile over the fence on the right. This leads into a field and across a small footbridge over the stream. Once you have crossed the footbridge navigation is fairly simple. It’s a case of walking south in a straight line, keeping the stream to your left till you reach North Grimston.

The path continues over several stiles and past a line of trees to arrive at Bellmanear Farm. Pass to the right of the farm, avoiding the ford. Cross the stile onto the access track. Keep heading south, crossing several fields to reach North Grimston. Exit the last field by a stone stile into a lane.

Where to now

What are your options now you’ve finished the walk? If you want to continue your walk along the Centenary Way the next section of the walk would take you to Birdsall and Toisland Wold, and the section after that to Wharram le Street where you can catch a bus back to Malton. The same bus service (190) also calls at North Grimston and will return you to Malton if you don’t want to walk any further. This is a fairly limited service that only runs a couple of times a day. Of course, you could just turn around and walk back the way you came. If you are in need of refreshment the Middleton Arms pub in North Grimston offers food.

I’m very grateful to the guide “The Centenary Way” written by North Yorkshire County Council which was referenced whilst writing this post.

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