Filey Beach – new photos (Huawei P30 Pro)

If like me you like to photograph your travels and walks, you have possibly considered using an SLR camera versus using a mobile phone. Many of the photos in this blog have been shot with a Nikon SLR camera. For years, I have put up with carrying a bag full of equipment in order to get decent quality images.

However, I have been considering buying the Huawei P30 Pro mobile phone for some time. I was attracted by its reported near SLR performance and I needed a new phone. I have been using a Sony XZ phone for a couple of years. When I bought the Sony it was one of the best camera phones available. Whilst the photos I took with the Sony were OK, they were definitely some way short of the quality of an SLR camera.

I was pretty much sold on getting the P30 Pro, but the cost was a bit prohibitive. Anyway, thanks to a Vodaphone Black Friday deal I now own one. The Huawei P30 Pro is well rated with its Leica lens and impressive list of features. I particularly like the HDR and Panoramic options as well as the super high-quality picture size (40MP). The editing software is very impressive for a phone and it comes with an array of different filters and adjustments to get your photo just right.

The camera seems to perform well on the automatic setting. But if you want that extra bit of control it has a Pro option where you can set ISO, aperture, shutter speed etc. The Pro setting even comes with the option to save your images as RAW files.

Both my dog and I needed a beach walk, and today was a rare (for December) fine day with sunny spells. So this was the perfect opportunity to take a few photos with the new camera. I decided to go to Filey beach, one of my favourite places. I like winter days for photography as the sun is always fairly low down in the sky and there is usually no haze at the coast. Here are the best of the day’s photos. So far I am very impressed with the Huawei phone and looking forward to exploring more of its features.

Filey Beach Winter Photos

Click on the yellow dots to see the other photographs.

If you want more information about Filey Bay my guide has lots of information (and photos)

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