Lintbells YuMOVE – Joint Support for Active dogs

I own a Cocker Spaniel, an active dog. He likes nothing more than running about on a beach or field, preferably  chasing a tennis ball. No matter how long you play this game, he never tires of it. I’ve noticed that he has a pronounced limp in one of his hind legs, the day after running around a lot.

I had a chat to the vet about his limp. She ruled out any arthritic problems as he is only a young dog (4 years). She suggested that I try feeding him YuMOVE, a supplement which supports recovery after exercise.

I bought the active dog version, and started on the recommended dosage of 2 pills a day for the first month. After a couple of days or so he seemed to get used to the tablets. I just place them in his food now. After a month I dropped the dosage as recommended to one pill a day. He’s been taking the pills for six months now.

The limp I’m pleased to say has almost completely gone.

Yumove is available in packs of 60 or 240 tablets from Monster Pet Supplies. Monster Pet Supplies deliver pet food, medication, toys, treats and beds straight to your door, saving you up to 40% on retail prices.

YuMOVE Active Dog

YuMOVE Active Dog contains key ingredients to support a dog’s active joints.

Supports joint development – high levels of triple strength Green Lipped Mussel to support the natural anti-inflammatory action of a dog’s metabolism. Natural Chondroitin from Green Lipped Mussel helps slow down the breakdown of cartilage in the dog’s joint.

Maintains active joints – Manganese & Zinc support collagen formation – important for growth & repair of cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Pure Glucosamine to provide the major building blocks required for cartilage replenishment.

Promotes mobility – Hyaluronic Acid helps lubricate and cushion a dog’s joints during exercise. Vitamins C & E are antioxidants that help neutralise the free radicals created during exercise.

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