Work – Freelance Copywriter and Webmaster

Professional copywriting can transform your business

Hi, my name is Michael. I have over 15 years copywriting experience, writing online content, building, managing and developing websites. My work has helped businesses get more leads from their website, improve their position in search engine results and achieve more online sales. I offer a personal service and am always happy to meet up for a free discussion about your needs and business objectives.

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Professional copywriting

Creating high quality web copy that attracts, engages and informs your visitors, I write for small and large businesses as well as individuals. From websites and marketing collateral to blog posts, social media content, email newsletters and user guides, I create well written copy that speaks to your customers. If you are too busy to upload pages or maintain them, I can do this for you. I am familiar with most of the common content management systems, such as WordPress. FTP / HTML is also something I can work with.

Webmaster services

Do you need someone to look after your website? Working for an agreed number of hours / days a month I can save you the cost of a full time employee.

Whatever your type of website, having an up to date site brings value to your customers and will help your search engine optimisation strategy. Tasks I can do include:

– Developing and adding new content.
– Writing blog articles.
– Adding new product pages.
– Maintaining your advertisements.
– Troubleshooting performance issues.
– Providing reports of your website’s health.
– Making sure everything is functioning properly.
– Software updates (e.g. keeping your WordPress up to date and secure).

If you want to get in touch my contact details are here.